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Data Transmission Radio


Yes it´s true !!

Separat Sessions on Data Transmission Radio

We did make it happen, and we are really proud to announce

that our Separat Sessions radio show is back on air,

on one of the biggest and best online radio stations of the world,


Separat Sessions is hosted by head honcho Matthias Seibert (https://www.matthiasseibert.de),

and will be a 2 hours format.

The first show is live on air on 7th of September from 23:00 – 01.00 o´clock CET.



As we have missed our Separat Sessions over the last couple of months,

we decided to move on after 2 lovely years with HFM Ibiza radio station,

but this took us some time to find the perfect home for our brand.

With DATA TRANSMISSION RADIO we found the ideal partners,

as it is the same team like behind the worlds famous BLOG.

That is why Separat Sessions is now gettin´ the support it was needed from a station to build the perfect audience together.

Matthias and DTR decided together, to make the show a 2 hours format,

while Matthias S. as resident is playing hour one of the show,

including a little interview with the special guests from hour2.

As you all know, Separat Musik is always taking high level guests so you will not be disapointed with what Matthias is coming up in the first couple of shows,

but this will be still left open on here, but we will let you know in our next blog where it will be.


But one thing we can say… He is truly a legend from NYC.










Beats N Zalawen

Matthias Seibert live recording from Beats N Zalawen (08.07.18)

Matthias Seibert Live from Trier is now available on Soundcloud

Finally the long awaited recording of head honcho Matthias Seibert,headlining the Beats N Zalawen Open Air in Trier MainStage is online for you all on SoundCloud friends. It´s a perfect mix for starting your weekend, so get your dancing shoes on 😉


Separat Musik´s first mix compilation announced

Yes we did it…

Our first mix compilation is in the making. Head Honcho Matthias Seibert is compiling our first ever mix compilation, during you’re reading this article. Also Metty will mix the album. Release date is planned for December 2018 friends. So watch this SPACE…

Dig Dis Distribution Logo


STEMS is a new format, by worlds famous company Native Instruments.

Loads of well known artists such as Carl Cox, or Pan-Pot (to name a view),

already playing and enjoying their time with the whole new format for DJ´s and producers.

It´s a multi format where the full track gets split up in up to 4 different tracks, for example drums, bass, melody, vocal. It´s an amazing way to remix your tracks on the fly.

Separat Musik teamed up with Native Instruments and DigDis Distribution, to start releasing our music as stem files.

You can buy our STEMS exclusively on Beatport (www.beatport.com)