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STEMS is a new format, by worlds famous company Native Instruments.

Loads of well known artists such as Carl Cox, or Pan-Pot (to name a view),

already playing and enjoying their time with the whole new format for DJ´s and producers.

It´s a multi format where the full track gets split up in up to 4 different tracks, for example drums, bass, melody, vocal. It´s an amazing way to remix your tracks on the fly.

Separat Musik teamed up with Native Instruments and DigDis Distribution, to start releasing our music as stem files.

You can buy our STEMS exclusively on Beatport (www.beatport.com)

Separat Musik Web Shop

Separat Musik Webshop open its doors on August 1st for

With the official relaunch, our label is growing up,

and yes we finally got a web shop included in our home.

Here you will find all music releases, as singles, ep´s and albums,

but also the whole merchandising catalogue from t-shirts,

to sunglasses, stickers, posters, and much more.


Feel free to check our web shop here: (www.separatmusik.com/shop)

If you have any questions in case of ordering, sizings, materials, feel free to contact us.


Separat Musik Merchandising 2018

Separat Musik Merchandising is available soon !!

After relaunching our Homepage and Logo, its about time to bring you our whole merchandising catalogue to the table. We were thinking of, what might you all be interested in, so we took the chance and ordered a whole bunch of stuff, beside the regular clothing line you already know from our opening.

The new merchandising is available in our web shop friends. Also you will find our whole music collection in the store. Categorised for your pleasure of course.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about sizings, materials, or any other requests.

Separat welcomes Miguel Matos

Miguel Matos is now on Separat Musik

Relaunch means not only the change of our Logo design,

or website design. Relaunch means much more for us..

Relaunch means reaching new heights, with new partners, friends,

and of course our main artists.
Separat Musik welcomes no one other then Miguel Matos.

Soulfood rec. label boss, long term resident from the magical island Ibiza,

and Trainee at his own DJ School in Koh Phangan Thailand.

Miguel Matos is contributing our 2nd signed EP after our relaunch, and we can already tell you, this one is a bomb!!!