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Jose Maria Ramon

Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli & Thallulah are back on Separat

Jose Maria Ramon is back !!!!

After starting Separat Musik with no one other than Jose Maria Ramon,

William Medagli & Thallulah, back in 2015,

they all made us shine from the first minute.

Our relaunch in August 2018 including an entire redesigned Logo, a completely rebranded homepage, and a bunch of fresh artists, Separat Musik is back with our 5th release, and its a very special one too..

Jose Maria Ramon, programming director of Ibiza Global Radio is back for our relaunch and the release of our 5th Release friends. Together with his fella William Medagli from Rome,

and his girlfriend Thallulah for their EP called FEATHERS.

The package contains Feathers and Cesare 2 monster tracks,

each and everyone  standing out by themselves.

The Package includes some amazing remixes by main artist and our ibiza buddy Sebastian Beus who did a fantastic remix for Cesare,

while Pedro Mercado our Belgian Stallion is coming with an uber melodic version of Feathers.

Previews will be uploaded in the next couple of days friends…

Watch this space !!!



Data Transmission Radio Show Confirmation

After our relaunch in August 2018, we are happy to announce, that our beloved Separat Sessions is back. Head Honcho Matthias Seibert, is hosting our podcast/radio format as usual and we are buzzing to announce the radio station to you all. Yes we managed to get Separat Sessions on the worldwide famous radio station of Data Transmission.

We will never loose our special ingredients, so Separat and Metty are presenting a very special guest in hour2 of the show. We will soon let you know about our special guest for September friends. So watch this space.

Separat Sessions is hosted by Data Transmission every first Friday from start of 7th of September from 23.00-01.00 o’clock CET.

Check their website here: www.datatranmission.co.uk

Dig Dis Distribution Logo

Distribution change to DIG DIS Distribution Germany

Hello World, Hello Dig Dis Distribution

Yes we finally made it.
We moved from Feiyr to Dig Dis finally, and we are very happy to tell you,

that our upcoming releases will be distributed by Dig Dis to your favorite stores and streaming services. Since we started we´ve missed the chance building a proper relationship to our label manager at Feiyr, so this was more or less the case for us,

looking for another distributor on the electronic music market.

Dig Dis is doing great work, together with some of our partner labels, so we are very happy to release our music now with them from start of September 2018.

Check them out here: www.digdis.de

Separat Musik relaunch

Separat Musik relaunch 2018

The big Separat Musik Relaunch 2018 is finally here friends.

We are very happy to have you here, on the big day of the official homepage relaunch 2018.

After redesigning the whole site, we thought pushing our services is a fantastic idea,

to bring you some great content over our blog.

Feel free to have a look around, check our webshop as well as all infos on the one sided website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@separatmusik.com

Your Separat Musik Team.